All About Magnesium Oil

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Transdermal Magnesium

What is Magnesium?

What does magnesium do for our health?

magnieum flakes transdermal

Magnesium is the 4th highest mineral that our body needs for it to complete its daily functions. Magnesium is needed for at least 350 different enzyme systems to operate daily within your cells.  It also supports the absorption of vitamins like vitamin C and D. Magnesium is all the things the sun, sea, and summer do to support our body in obtaining the optimum of wellness.

What are magnesium flakes?

Seawater from the deep sea or magnesium mineral found deep in our earths crust, in its liquid form is also known as brine. When it is crystallized by natural methods it is made into flakes. Crystalized magnesium chloride is known as magnesium flakes. Using these flakes, we can convert it back into our own magnesium oil. Then we can use our own magnesium oil to make into a magneisum spray, magneisum rubs and magneisum lotions, or you can just buy them too.

What can magnesium flakes do?.,

Magneisum flakes are great to use to support your body in relaxing the muscles or support you body to tune out and get ready for sleep. There are many ways you can support the body by using magnesium flakes in water, or making them into lotion or rubs.

Directions to Use Magnesium Flakes.

  • BATH – One cup of magnesium flakes
  • FOOTBATH – 2 tbspn of magnesium flakes
  • – only stay in the bath for 20 minutes no longer
  • – it is the same for the footbath for 20 minutes no longer
  • DO not have the bath too hot
  • HAVE 2-3 times a week for up to 4 weeks to deal with magnesium defiency.

Magnesium Transermal Oil

Magneisum transdermal oil is made from the same magnesium that comes from the deep sea and deep crust of the earth. It is elctircla in nature and athough it is called an oil it isn’t an oil at all. It is a brine. A birne that is used to make mageisum flakes, rubs and lotions. It is place on the skin and rapidly absorbed vai the skin into the blood in under a minute, unless it stays on the skin. then it means it is a not being absorbed.

How to get the body to absorb Magnesium Transdernal Oil?

Magnesium oil can be absorbed tansdermally but when the body is deficient it finds it difficult to absorb the magnesium it needs. This is not common for most minerials but it is for magneisum deficiency. It is however simple to rectify but slow to change. You need to slowly apply the oil on the skin over days and weeks to increase the magnesium to change your levels. Soaking your feet or body will also assist in supporting the body.ALso if you add coconut oil to the skin after you have applied the magneisum transdermally it will assist the body in tkaing the magnixum oil through the derni of the skin into the blood.

How long do you need to keep magnesium on the skin?

Magnesium Oil when used on the skin can sometimes feel like it burns on your skin,an d it will also leave a rash and feel irritated. using the coconut oil on top of oil as suggested above is one way you can curb this response. You may need to do this until the body can absorb the magneisum and then your body won’t have this reaction. The other solutions is to wash it off. You do need to leave it on for 20 minutes for it to be fully absorbed. Therefore, it will depend on your reaction even though you only need to leave it on for 20 minutes before you wash it off.