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Magnesium Side Effects

SIde effects of Magnesium Oil.

The Main Side Effect of Magnesium Oil is Skin Reactions.

Do you love to swim in the sea? Have you felt the benefits of seawater when you swim or just walk in the shallows of the beach?  Have you felt the feeling of the salt left on your skin to dry? Was it irritating especially when you put clothes on to leave the beach.? If you answer is a big YES, then you know what I mean when I  say it can feel irritating , itchy and uncomfortable especially when you put clothes on without washing it off. Well, that is the side effect that you can get on your skin after using magnesium Oil. It can aslo feel like it is burning or leave a rash. Even though it isn’t really oil it is a concentrated brine that isn’t greasy on your skin which is why it is placed in magnesium rubs or magnesium lotions to help you absorb its benefits without the side effects that ahv ejstu been mentioned..

The main side effects of Magnesium Tablets is a loose bowel motions.