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Magnesium Oil Topical Spray

What is Magnesium Oil and How do You Make it ?

Magnesium Oil is a Minerial.

Magnesium is a mineral.  We have always obtained magnesium into our diet from our food, but as most of us are aware, our food sources are not as robust and full of vitamins and minerals like they used to be years ago. Today we know the food that our grandparents ate was more nourishing and it wasn’t just organic it was Beyond Organic. We need magnesium in our diet every day as it can’t be stored in our bodies. It is also used for over 800 enzyme systems to perform daily and is 6/8th of the reason we have energy. We now have another source besides food for getting magnesium. It is a topical method and it is called transdermal as it transfers magnesium into the skin to the body via the blood. Magnesium oil isn’t an oil like olive oil or coconut oil, nor is it like an essential oil like frankincense or myrrh.  Magnesium is more a brine made from the sources of magnesium flakes and water. It has an oily texture as it goes on your skin, but dries like salt.  Magnesium Flakes are sourced from the Deep Sea, the Ocean, and from deep mineral tables within the earth . Magnesium flakes are made out of  Magnesium Chloride..

where does magnesium oil come from?m the sea


magnesium chloride

STEP ONE – Mineral flakes and distilled water. 


magnesium chloride flakes

Yes that is all it is Magnesium Chloride Flakes and Distilled Water

STEP TWO – Bring the water slow low simmer, don’t bring it to a boil.

magnesium flakes makes oils
magnesium flakes in water

STEP 3 – Take off the heat and Add the magnesium flakes simmering water..

STEP 4  – Stir until all the magnesium  flakes have dissolved, Allow to cool.. 

magnesium flakes into oil
Magnesium Spray

STEP 5 – Place in GLass Bottles when cool .

Use daily on legs arms, abdomen, and chest.

Use morning and night on injuries and areas that just simply hurt to support relaxation and relief in the body .
magnesim, topcial spray